So yeah heres on of my other songs. I NEED SOMONE TO WRITE SOLO IN THAT ONE SPOT. It needs to be like one of the solos that prepare for the 2nd solo...Full credit to you... And not too fast. kind slow...

So tell me how it sounds so far...
Song 8.gp5
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Hey pal I'm not gonna crit your song because I can't be arsed lol, but I added a solo like you asked. Hope you enjoy
Song 8 [NEW SOLO BY OMETH].gp5
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This is mine
Song 8 + Simon Blackwing Solo.gp5
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heres some harmonic minor flava for ya song

TS said that he wanted a slowish, not technical solo. You phail. Hard.
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I'm cockblocked regularly by my appearance and personality.
oh shit my bad. i hella didnt even read that part. or i did but i guess i forgot. smoking weed effects the memory lol well i guess i did fail. but either way still sounds good lol. just a bunch of wankage in harmonic minor
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their good, but i still dont have the one

Then write your own, or say what's wrong with the existing ones kid
I know I got kinda carried away and it might be too fast for what you asked for, but I kinda did this for fun. I also took the liberty of editing a few things to fit the solo better.
Song 8 - champayne solo.gp5
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