Theres always something

There’s always something to hold me back
There’s always something like a steel trap
Never enough to be the best
And I can’t just give it a rest
I do everything I can
To stay in my way
Maybe It’s just me
Something in the way
Or maybe its nothing
And I shouldn’t stay
Maybe Nothing should work out
Just stay here in my trap
Give up just to say
I should have never stayed

Please lend your critiques, change of lyrics, or nething you can think of to make it sound better but keep the same subject.

I'm talking about my dead end job I bust my a** at every single day but never get a promotion or anything while all the lazy people get promotions. Along with women problems of you do your best but its always the a**hole that gets the girl.

So just lend your critiques, statements, possible lyric changes or whatever. Thanks.