I have the ability to sell my Epiphone Les Paul Studio plus some other gear. Used, I can get my studio for $150. I want to sell it plus some gear to get a slightly better guitar. Overall I should be able to get $250.

Basically, what guitar (Les Paul) is slightly better and worth an upgrade from my Studio. (I really like mine, but the color is silly and there are some cheapish aspects to it.)

I don't want to save up for a Gibson, I just want a temporary guitar that is better than my Studio and. I want a used guitar $250
yeah... with 250 you can't really hope to upgrade much...
if you absolutely had to though, I guess an agile al2500 would be better than an epi lp studio. check it out:

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you may get lucky enough to find a real fender MiM for 300 used.
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Try an Epiphone Dot if you can. Having moved from a Les Paul to a 335 style guitar, I can tell you that Epi hollowbodies are really in a league of their own and I find they cover a lot more ground tonally than a Les Paul.

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