It seems that many people believe that the ZPS system keeps the tremolo in tune in case of a string break or a loss of tension on the strings..but it wont.

in case of a string break (or loss of tension on the strings)the tremolo(sustain) block moves away from the ZPS,not towards the it.the ZPS does absolutely nothing to keep the guitar in tune in case of a string break,but what it does is prevent the block from moving towards it,as for an example like when bending a string.(although it doesn't keep it in perfect tune).i tried to make it clear as possible,hopefully you will understand what I'm trying to say.(I still cant believe why ibanez makes this claim..weird right?)

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Yeah I noticed this also... weird.

But this is weird:
With ZPS I went to Drop D with fine tuner, everything stayed in tune
Without ZPS, I go to Drop D and a couple strings are a bit out of tune.

Probably just a coincidence.

Also, the ZPS makes dives and just trem use in general a bit harder, so I took mine off. But then I broke two strings at once because I kept going crazy with the trem.

I'm not exactly sure what the ZPS is for anymore... because it returns to "zero" even without it.
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thats most probably because the two trem springs are considerably higher in gauge and tighter,it might provide a little bit of stability like when moving down a half step which wont make a huge difference in tension.

the ZPS system is there to keep double stop bends in relative tune and make diving the trem and setting it up a whole lot harder lol

all OFR's or other trems dont have the ZPS,and they return to pitch perfectly..
Yeah it may be a bit pointless to the tuning stability to the trem, but none the less its still a great trem with no stability issues
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