I can't for the life of me seem to find a decent guitar store anywhere here!!

Can one of you direct me to somewhere that has a decent selection of pedals please?

Also, besides the ususal touristy things, what's there to do in Dubai?
(any nice hookah places, bars etc?)
You could wander around looking at all the slave labourers that built Dubai. Hurrah.
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Found these if you can work them out..

There are about 10 near the Fish Round about in Deira as well, worth checking out for your git fiddle.

There's a music shop on the first floor on the Crowne Plaza shopping mall.

There is a shop by the name of HOUSE OF GUITARS.... The SHOP is in KARAMA near LULU Center or CHITTAPILLY GOLD SHOP.

Karama: 2 shops one just down from Baby Shop in the arcade, the other is next to the Chittalipilly Jewelry store near LuLu's

Wafi City: Top floor, Yamaha shop

Madinat Jumeirah: in the souk.

I think there is a new one just opened in the Jumeirah Centre on the beach road as well.
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K, I'm from Dubai , so I'll tell you what I can. There's not one amazing guitar shop.

In Dubai Mall, there's a store that sells Schecters and Jacksons, but there's no high-end Jacksons.

In Karama close to the Fish roundabout there's a shop called Mozart that sells very few Washburns and some ESP/LTD.

Virgin Megastore in Emirates Mall sells Fender Strats or Teles, although I never really checked if they are USA made or not.

For pedals, I have no idea.
I saw a Vox Satchurator in a shop in the Fish roundabout, but apart from that nothing special.
@ShallowEndings...thanks! thats actually cool...coz im staying pretty close to Karama.

@Vitor_vdp.. Ah well...too bad about the pedals. Thanks though! I planned to check out the emirates mall Virgin store as it is.
Quote by Vitor_vdp
Also, Virgin Megastore is pretty much the only place in the whole city where you can buy good albums.

I've noticed...

But they still dont have anything i really want...
(Boris, Isis, Pelican, Periphery...)

Quote by ShallowEndings
All good, hopefully you can find at least one.. Can't really add much to that though

*fingers crossed*

I actually want a nice wah pedal, and the stuff back home is waaaayyy overpriced.
Hopefully, i'll find something.
several people mentioned the stores close to the fish round about, just go to fan al sout, they are the ibanez dealers, ibanez guitars are the only guitars that are fairly priced in the UAE.

if you want to get an ibanez i recomend you go to Abu Dhabi, go to AKM, Ajmal Khan Music, you can get some really good prices from there, i got my ibanez SAS32EXFM cheaper than the price listed on musicians friend
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