Hey guys, I hate to subject you to another one of these, but you seem to be gluttons for punishment...
I'm in a new band and need a new amp. My current amp is a SS Fender that is embarrassingly crap. I was set on getting a Orange AD30TC Combo, but our drummer is just too loud and not that many of the places we're playing have PAs yet, so a 30W isnt loud enough.

We play kind of progressive electro indie rock. Think kinda Muse/Radiohead/Arctic Monkeys/Bloc Party/The Strokes. I'm the lead singer and predominantly the rhythm guitarist, but I like to play a bit of lead every now and then. I have a Les Paul (see my profile for effects) but I'm playing our lead guitarist's MIA Strat at gigs and I'm in the market for a cheapish Tele. Our lead guitarist is playing my Les Paul and an SG through his Orange Rockverb 50 head and cab, so whatever I get has to be complimentary to that.

So I've looked at a Vox AC50, and I'm planning to look at a lot more before I make a decision, but I'm looking for some more outside the box suggestions.

Need new Amp, we play indie rock stuff, must be 50W plus and work well with the other guitarist's Orange Rockverb 50. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance guys
there is almost no volume difference between a 30 watt amp and a 50 watt amp all other things being equal...
you should actually test the ad30 and see how loud it gets.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
Sorry I should have mentioned that I have tried out the AD30. It IS loud enough, but it doesnt have enough head room. I tried it out a while back with the drummer in the room and last week I tried out the AC50 with the drummer in the room. The Orange was loud enough, but was breaking up too much on the clean channel. The 50W vox was loud and was clean until it was well over powering our drummer. I cant stress enough how loud our drummer is.

In any case, I'm not sure Orange is the way to go, our other guitarist already having an Orange.
What the hell is with drummers not learning how to control there volume? I hear this all the time. A good drummer can use playing dynamics (with volume) well and knows what to do to make the band sound good. Tell you drummer to control him/herself because you guys are in a BAND, not a competition with each other

It's completely fine to get another Orange if you love that tone, but try stuff out. Like AcousticMirror said, 30w and 50w has a very small difference in volume but you talked about headroom so maybe the extra wattage will help. The easiest solution for headroom is to have your drummer be a little more considerate about band settings then just bash away. That way you can turn your clean channel down and it'll have more headroom while still being in the mix.

Hope this helped, at least a little.

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