Hey guys

So I have a bunch of stuff written - riffs, lyrics etc, one song in particular is really close to finished but I'm just struggling on 'linking' bits together effectively.

i.e. - I have lyrics and a riff for verse and chorus, but when I tab it out there's just a 'gap' between them as I cant seem to make them flow together (they are a musical 'match' though).

I have a few parts I've linked with say, complete sudden stops and then going into a new riff but..

If it helps, I'm trying to go from a clean intro riff, which then goes into a distorted version of the riff using only the E string in 8th notes...when the verse kicks in the riff is a faster (110bpm to 180) one, using galloping and powerchords..

But its more of a general problem for me...any advice?
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Going from the clean to distorted ?

Maybe have a drum fill then go into distorted ? Fadee in the distorted guitar ? Have a melody that continues on over it ? Plenty of things to do Or just stop it and link the songs with a sound effect like rain, or wind