I will be in the market for a speaker soon. I want a 12" driver for a 18W Marshall. I have stayed pretty true to the original circuit tonally speaking. All I'm doing is scrapping the tremelo and using it's valve for a 3rd input and a parallel Reverb recovery. Apart from that it's pure 18W Marshall.
It's pointless trying to get the 18W tone if you choose the wrong speaker. They had Celestion greenbacks, which cost an arm and a leg over here. Scumbacks are a decent price but postage is a killer. Which leaves me with the homegrown variety - Lorantz. They have what they claim to be a faithful reproduction of an early greenback, even using antique winding technology.
I have used Lorantz PA speakers and they were great but I've never tried their guitar speakers. I hear they take a while to break in (must be all that hemp fibre they use) but has anybody here used them? They are a pretty good price and I am quite fond of having the manufacturer in driving distance. Their service has always been good. If I ever blow a cone it's nice to know I can get it re-coned without being gouged.
So has anybody used them and knows how they are, especially how greenbacky they are?

This speaker

For those who don't know, Lorantz are a boutique speaker company run out of the old Plessey factory in Melbourne by the ex head engineer from the Plessey days.
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Havent used them, but I've only heard good things
They apparently are a bit different to real Greenbacks, but not in a bad way.
I've tried finding more out about them too, but theres not a lot of info out there.