I did enjoy. It's pretty rad dude. Nice work.
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Holy crap, check this out!
I enjoyed it very much. Not the sort of thing I usually listen to, but I really like it

Love the song name, too.
You're = You are
Your = Belongs to you

There = Not here
Their = Belongs to them
They're = They are

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Woah you all wasted no time in replying, thanks for all the positive comments, means a lot haha I'm still working on it, I basically started working on it yesterday so it's still not finished yet xD
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Very well done bro, it's not what I usually listen to but this track is awesome. Man everything sounds so good, where did you get the drums from? Btw the guitar tone is awesome! Would it be bad if I told you this song made me think of "Tool" sometimes? haha

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inyourgirlagain, no way dude would it be bad if it reminds you of tool, I love tool , the drums are from EZDrummer, honestly dude if you record your own stuff you NEED it, it's amazing. And thanks about the guitar tone, I've been tweaking it for months and months since I got my line6 gearbox haha.

edit: I'll critique for you man no problem

editedit: Thanks for the comment Dio10101, I'm really glad you said that because that was what I was trying to get
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I haven't used synths man :P, it's all just guitar, drums and bass, a gong at the end and a signle note of piano. I was considering vocals to be fair, probably will put them in , cheers dudee
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