alright, at first a little backstory.

I was playing with a drummer in a shitty church band kind of thing but I left after a while because the drummer couldn't even count a 4/4

6months later he hit me up again. I took my gear with me, set everything up, we jammed like 5min, did a few soundcheks and then recorded this.

it's the first time I'm improvising, not a single note in there was planned. It's also no joke that I hadn't played with the drummer in ages.


You can see the gear and how we recorded in the pic. Keep in mind that youtube messes with the quality a lot.
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It seems to me that your two biggest problems is your tone has WAY too much distortion and your playing needs to be cleaned up. I understand the recording is pretty low quality, but the guitar still sounds pretty nasty. Furthermore, I think you need to work on making your playing a lot cleaner. Both your rhythm playing and your lead have some serious sloppy-ness issues. Finally, your lead, the wah solo, is all over the place and lacks direction.

Aside from that, you have some catchy riffs that could eventually be developed upon, cleaned up and arranged in a way thats a bit more interesting. I'd take those few good ideas away from the jam, develop them and scrap everything else.

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yeah, the recording quality is not to be taken seriously haha. As stated above I was just playing for 5min so my hands were pretty cold. I have to admit that the wah parts are terrible though.

The song is not really UG material but I thought it can't hurt to post it here.
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