So I just came into an old Guild Starfire (I think it might be a starfire IV or V not totally sure but its got some pretty awesome cloud shaped fret inlays and a Bigsby tremolo) and its in fantastic shape, it just doesnt have the pickups installed

the guy who had it before me took them out to paint it and lost them

it has openings for two humbuckers and right now there is no wiring at all, I have all the knobs and the switch but no pickups or wiring

anyways my grandpa has a bunch of Barcus Berry humbuckers (i dint even know barcus berry made electric guitar pickups) that i can use, although they are just in a big box and i have no idea what model they are and i also have no experience with barcus berry pickups so i don't know how they sound or if they are good with a semi-hollow

anyways my question is since i have the pickups already how much should i expect to pay to have someone install them and also should i try to use the barcus berry pickups or just buy some new ones

thanks for any advice
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diffrent shops would charge diffrent prices but I would say around £200
IMO you should install them yourself. It's not a hard thing to do + it's good experience. For wiring diagrams, you could for example visit http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/wiring-diagrams/
Despite the fact that it's SD's site, those diagrams are pretty much universal (some brands do have different colors however, for example DiMarzio, but that's easy to figure out and get right)

About Barcus Berry, I have no idea, never heard of 'em.

EDIT. I recommend you try the ones you have and then buy new ones if you're not satisfied.
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I recommend you try the ones you have and then buy new ones if you're not satisfied.

This. No point in changing something that's not broken.
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As mentioned above, do it yourself, it´s not hard and cost nothing.
Im kind of afraid to install them myself for fear of messign up something, it is a vintage guitar and even though i only paid $300 for it, Ive seen them sale for up to $2500

although i have a friend who is a professional electrician who does wiring in houses, would his experience help in this matter?

installing it myself is an option but i make decent money at my job and its not a big deal to have it professionally done I just want to know how much i should expect to pay so I don't get ripped off
Not sure how much someone would charge since I've always done this myself, but if you must take it to get the pickups installed, maybe find someone who can also professionally set up the guitar to your specs at the same time he installs the pickups. Sorry this doesn't answer your question, but thought it might be some useful advice for you.

Your electrician may be able to help you out....but you definitely don't need an electrician, just someone who can read a simple wiring diagram and is decent at soldering.