I accidentally wrote on a thread yesterday that i wanted strings for a D# tuning(Eb). I want strings for a C# Standard tuning. The guitar is a 25.5" scale, no floyd or trem, and I use 10's standard but I can handle 11's almost as easily.

My friend suggested 12's. Would these be good?
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i didn't know there was a C# standard...but i'd reccomend dimebag strings for anything lower than drop C
Either 11s or 12s would be fine. If you're tuning below C Standard when go 12s

I say get some 11-54s, playing without a tight bottom string sucks.

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+1 on dimebag DR high voltage strings, they come in many sizes. You just can't break them and they are bright as hell which helps when you're tuned down so far.
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i didn't know there was a C# standard...

Common logic.

My guitar is the same scale length as yours TS, I often pay in that tuning, I use 11's, works fine.
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also I wonder if the 10-60 zakk wylde strings would apply more tension in C# standard than the guitar can handle