I was playing this amp today and it's a great little amp, it's quiet, gets some really nice blues and crunch tones, very simple, was thinking about getting one just for jams and to take places when I can't take my Bugera head. Just wondering, how do they take pedals? If I plugged my HT-Dual or something into it, could I get passable metal tones?
I understand that's not what the amps made for, and it doesn't have to sound fantastic, just usable for when I'm away from home.
Well metal tones aren't the most important thing, it'd just be nice to have something if I absolutely have to play a metal song. I love the blues/classic rock tones you get from it though. And it's very wallet-friendly.

I'd get the HT5 if I wanted something better for metal but it's quite a bit more expensive.
Nah, I know it's not an AC30... like I said, I played it today and got some lovely tones from it. As long as I can set it to 4W and the volume about half way and put my HT-Dual in it and get something in metal territory, I'll probably get one.

Do you know how well it takes other pedals? Chorus, delay, filters, etc?