This just got released over the weekend to the public. There's more to come soon. I would be the guitar player in the group

Thought you guys would dig this.

We opened the show with Pharaohs Dance. An amazing sound was captured that night!

Here's the Guitar Solo in Pharaohs Dance:

Bitches Brew!

Miles Runs the Voodoo Down trumpet solo

Miles Runs the Voodoo Down Rhodes solo
Dude you have a beard. So does the keyboard player. What is this, some bearded jazz fetish club?

Jokes aside, that looks and sound really cool. Nice work man.
Marshall amplifiers are the truest purveyors of rock and roll known to man.

"And give a man an amplifier and a synthesizer, and he doesn't become whoever, you know. He doesn't become us."

Holy crap, check this out!