so i have an sg-400 and it worked great so far, but now my neck pickup is noisy and im not sure how to solve it.
its only noisy if i touch the string,or any other metal that touches the string, some king of groundning problem if i could guess.
if i ground myself while playing its noisy but if i isolate myself from the ground its fades to about 50% noise or a bit less.
what is the problem and how can i fix it?
i had 2 ideas:
1)the electric Circuit is contaminated or not flawed.
2)the pickup poles(screws) are not aligned or something
please reffer to the solution and not only the problem
My Strat used to buzz a lot until i shielded it, which is basically coating the cavity where the pickups are in copper tape and copper paint. Took away the buzz for me. The problem could also be in the pedals and amp you're using.
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forgot to mention. using frontman 25R without any pedals, and when i scoop on the guitar down it gets very noisy
Check if the string/bridge ground is attached. If you get noise when you touch the strings, it means something's not grounded (either the strings or see below), and since your body works like an antenna, the noise it picks up gets transferred to the pickups through your hands and the strings.

What's weird is it's only the neck pickup... maybe the wires of the neck pickup are swapped or if there's a separate ground wire for the metal cover of that pickup, it's not attached properly.