Is the focus of the air/sound when singing supposed to be in the same area regardless of the octave? For example, when going to a high note from a low one, the sound seems to "move" to a different spot in head, if that makes sense.

Also, sometimes the airflow will feel almost like it's coming back into me, rather that out. Is that a good thing that I should try to recreate? (haven't had the chance to record the difference and listen, and I know the sound in my head can be deceiving)

And one last thing, and I'll stop playing 20 questions. I remember reading something about the adam's apple not moving when singing correctly, but I couldn't find it to check.

Thanks for putting up with me. :P
1. It can change, and it's totally normal.

2. Yes, you want to do that. It's the basis for Axe's Belcanto singing style, and it makes higher notes much smoother.

3. I forget, your larynx is supposed to go down I think? Ask chris :P
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as regard to the air flow question there are a few things my teacher likes to push.

1. the air never ever stops unless your breathing
2. When going higher in your register the air only moves faster not anything else and lower notes move slower
3. In regards to the adams apple I assume you are speaking of vibrato in which case its not supposed to go any where vibrato should occur naturally and from the diaphram