Lately I've been learning a bunch of songs that use a capo, but when ever I put a capo on, all the strings go sharp and I have to retune the guitar (and then retune again when I take it off). Is this part and parcel of using a capo or is it a sign my guitar needs adjusting in some way? I've tried two different sorts of capos and they both make the strings go sharp no matter where I put them on the fret.
What brand/model capo are you using? Theres some, like my Shubb capo, where the lower part can be tightened for different sized necks, but like you're getting, tightening it too far can make the strings go sharp (though like I said, no idea what capo you have).
Simple things first:

How's your action? On the high side or the low side?
Did you make sure to put the capo right over the fret?
Have you checked your intonation recently? And, as mentioned above, if you can adjust the tension, you shouldn't have the capo any tighter than it needs to be to allow the strings to vibrate cleanly.
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probably just a cheap capo

try out one of those fancy ones if you use a capo a lot. They're like $45, I forgot the name though.
I've been playing with my capo not putting it on so tight and now only my 6th E string is sharp. I was obviously cranking it on as tight as it would go.

I think the solution might be to buy a fancy capo where the pressure can be really fine tuned with a thumb screw.

Should I be tight and get one of these or get a proper Shubb?
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Should I be tight and get one of these or get a proper Shubb?

Capos are capos, they're pretty simple, so there's no need to get one that costs millions, as far as i'm aware. That one's adjustable so should be alright.

edit: you could maybe get your current capo better in tune if you make sure it's not pressing down on one side more than the other, like it might be at a slight angle that's putting more pressure on the 6th string than the 1st?
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i have every single capo they sell, and i can tell you they are not all the same.

trigger capos pull guitars out of tune.

it can depend a bit on the guitar and fret size,
and where you place the capo in relation to the fret.

also, always start with an intonated guitar.

but to be honest, if you use capos a lot, are sure it's not the guitar or the
strings, then invest in a g7th.

it does not pull the guitar out of tune.
and goes on with one hand.

the shubb also works but is clumsy to get on.

rolling capos can damage the finish on the neck, pull guitars out of tune and
require 2 hands to put on,

trigger capos are easy to put on, store on the headstock and can work well for a while.
but they will also pull the guitar out of tune.

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