Hi All,

Sadly due to a new project Im involved with Im looking to do a trade on my Einstein Combo. Its in perfect condition and has sat on top of my 4x10 since I got it keeping from harms reach.

It sounds ace as all Deizels do and all the sounds I need are in there, I just cant switch them without modding the amp which I'm not comfortable with.

Im looking to either sell the amp for as near to £1500 as I can muster or get a trade going for somthing of similar quality, preferably a combo 1x12 of 2x12 with at a minimum 3 independantly EQ'd channels, serial fx and midi would be nice but not essential.

As for amps I like the looks of, Rivera KTre / KR-7, mesa roadking/roadster or Mk4. Basically anything in the top end of the market that has a excellent cleans, heavy metal rhythm and great smooth lead.

Im lured most towards a Mesa MK4 however it would need to be in seriously mint condition for me to think about a straight swap, infact even in mint condition id want some cash or some goodies. Im always in the market for a decent 7 string if you want to pique my interest.

I can provide pics for anyone who's interested just as soon as I get home.

Thanks for looking and listening to me babble on!

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