I'm heavily considering the purchase of a Gretsch Electromatic 5122 hollowbody guitar. I would use this guitar primarily in the modern worship application, as I already have a Les Paul for any other stuff I would do. I got a chance to play one at guitar center, and I fell in love with the whole thing. I didn't get a change however to play it loudly, to test for feedback on a distortion channel. Does this thing preform well with distortion without gobs of feedback? I need to be able to play a smooth distortion for rhythm, along with nice cleans for leads/strumming and possibly some delay stuff.

Overall, is it a good guitar?
thanks ahead of time
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anything gretsch is good, but you could probably find some youtube demos and/or some reviews that would cover the topic of feedback
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I would use this guitar primarily in the modern worship application

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Is it anything like the G5120? I have that guitar and it is really nice. Especially having it for about 18 months. You can really tell when the wood starts aging. it goings really nice and warm. Does some good crunch as well. I'm going to be giving mine a full work out soon on my mates Mesa Boogie system instead of my usual marshall Valvestate.
i mean, look at ted nugent. his stuff is almost all with a hollowbody and distortion.
I actually put down some money on a G5122DC about three weeks back, I thought, this is a awesome looking guitar (in black) and at a ridiculous price for a Gretsch (For me $629US) but I later returned it about a week later. Nothing bad quality-wise, just not up my alley. All in all, there were four things that I just couldn't deal with.

One, it's really, REALLY geared towards Jazz and Country players, meaning it doesn't do distortion too well. I mean, it's decent at some levels, but it seems the output on the pickups is really low (I don't know what they're rated at), and when you turn the gain up too high it just starts a nasty feedback loop. That brings me to point two: Feedback.

The feedback is ridiculous on it. When I started practicing with my band, it just produced non-stop feedback at higher volume levels. I couldn't even play it at a level that it could be heard at.

Three, Sustain, or should I say lack of. Being a hollowbody and whatnot, it doesn't give you a lot of sustain to work with. For me it wasn't a problem, I don't usually do solos or leads for the most part, but this is a major point for some people.

Four, The Case. It doesn't come with one, which (at this price range) is a joke. Plus, it's practically impossible to find a case for one of these. Being a full hollowbody guitar, it needs a hard case, but because of the Bigsby, it won't fit into a traditional ES-335 case (which it is probably thin enough to fit in otherwise). And the only case that it is guaranteed to fit in, costs about $300US (or about half the price of the guitar). So I used a Acoustic Guitar case padded with shirts for the whole week I had this thing.

However, one thing it did very well was cleans at high volumes. As long as I wasn't pointing the pickups at the front of my amp; almost no feedback. But as soon as I'd switch to my dirty channel, wham! there it was. (And before anyone starts saying 'Maybe its your amp' or anything; my solid body guitars don't get the same feedback on the same set up, it's not like I wouldn't check that.) Luckily, I had chose to finance it and got a complete refund on the down payment (except of the tax) when I returned it.

But don't turn it down because of me, it just wasn't really what I wanted, but maybe it's right up your alley. Either way, it's worth at least a play in a guitar store.

Edit: I just read through my post and it seemed like I came down pretty hard on the G5122. I mean, it is a wonderful guitar in it's own right. I probably will do some light distortion or Overdrive pretty well, but not at like Jack White levels (actually maybe at his levels, he does do a lot of feedback work). Actually, listen to the beginning of dead leaves and the dirty ground and imagine that intro feedback anytime he's not strumming.
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