So I'm going to Italy in a few weeks..visiting some places like Florence, Rome, Naples and Venice...what can I expect? Any real interesting places (besides the landmarks) I should check out?
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well you could always stop by pompeii
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Only ever been to Florence out of those places, really beautiful city, but just watch out for the smell of raw sewage when you walk down some back streets.
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well you could always stop by pompeii

Pink Floyd did a wicked concert there in 1971. Nobody came to see it though.
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watch your step, I've heard its easy to fall over in Italy

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Marshall amplifiers are the truest purveyors of rock and roll known to man.

"And give a man an amplifier and a synthesizer, and he doesn't become whoever, you know. He doesn't become us."

Holy crap, check this out!
Having lived in Rome for 5 years... I can say it's a beautiful city along with the rest of the country... Avoid tourist cliches and explore on your own.
prepare to get shot somewhere..

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Expect people driving like shit and a beautiful nature.
bad driving, beautiful cities, awesome food( eat at restaurants where locals eat at there generally the best rather than tourist ones) rome is awesome go there so is sorrento.
If you're using a sat nav, be VERY ****ING WARY. When Italy put their roads into the sat nav chap's database they only split it into "motorways" and everything else. I went there in October and on a few occasions the sat nav led us into people's driveways and told us to go 30mph up staircases.

There's somewhere in Europe where satnavs are known to instruct people off cliffs, but I think it's in Germany.

Edit: oh ****, the driving. Yeah, I reccomend a good few hours Mario Kart practice before driving in Italy to get yourself into the feel of it.
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i just got back from italy so here are a few tips:

take out naples and do more of florence and rome. there's this thing some tours do call the best of tuscany which does this day tour around siena, pisa and san gimignano. really really good. do NOT miss it.

in rome, ask around and get a bit outside the usual termini area and dine in places across the tiber. thats where the locals usually go out. when in rome...

in florence, MAKE SURE YOU GO TO THE UFFIZI GALLERY AND PONTE VECCHIO. MAKE NO MISTAKE. otherwise, its just a beautiful beautiful city, walk around.

oh yes, in italy, except possibly in rome which is a kinda bigger city. WALK AND DO NOT TAKE A TAXI. taxis are expensive and walking is more fun and you get a better feel for the country. ESPECIALLY IN FLORENCE. i could stress this any more.

anyway, have a good trip man, report back on how good it was.


IMO, don't waste too much time in venice. its enough to spend a couple of days or three max, and after the rest of italy you'll be pretty thoroughly churched out and will not like it. before going i read that the best way of seeing venice is to get lost, and we actually did and its absolutely amazing.

in venice, take a water bus to get st marks square and spend some time there. also dont miss the rialto. its wonderfully full of life in the evenings and the energy is infectious. if you have an extra day do the trip to murano, burano and torcello too, its pretty much worth it. MAKE SURE YOU DO A GONDOLA RIDE, ITS EPIC WIN, NOT GAY AND POSSIBLY THE BEST PART ABOUT VENICE. they're smart ones though and can spot a tourist, but we managed to bring it down to 80 euros. in italy, there's a lot of bargaining to be done, dont be shy. on your last day, get a map and go to any part of the city you feel you wanna see, go there and try walking back to your hotel/hostel/apartment. you get to see the inner city and the walk is generally fun and you will have amazing memories.

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pompeii may seem touristy but I highly recommend it. Also the museum of Naples has a load of amazing finds from there in it.
I have no places to give you, but I'm so jealous I've wanted to go to Italy since I can remember, especially Rome Take me with you?