I have been looking for a good set of headphones to use when playing my guitar as I can very rarely actually have it up loud. I saw these http://headphones.com.au/psingle?productID=445 and thought they looked pretty good, but I am no expert so thought I better come here first for a second opinion. I am gonna be using them plugged into a stealth plug running into Amplitube mostly and sometimes through my amp. Are these good or is there something better? Price range is about $100-$200 Australian preferably towards the $100 end.
I would suggest looking into Shure in-ear "monitors" they are closer to 200, but are well worth the price. They are noise cancelling ( so no one standing right next to you can hear them, even if the volume is turned up to the max) And they can get pretty loud, too! they run in the 110db range, and the sound quality is comparable to bose headphones, as well! They have great sound dynamics, with full Bass, mids, and trebles. They are very nice headphones.