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4 5%
5 7%
5 7%
3 4%
30 39%
23 30%
6 8%
Voters: 76.
I want to know pitters, what your favourite day of the week is and why that reason would be, mine would be friday because that means end of the college week and go to the pub to band practice and drink and play for 4 hours

What is your favourite day?
Saturday. A poll for this thread maybe?
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Saturday wake and bake!
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Sunday, usually when it just starts at 1 AM.
I'd say saturday but I have to work on saturday, and work sucks.
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Sunday is the only day I get to do nothing all day long.
I have to work on saturday, and monday/friday I have to go to class...
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I don't know why, but i quite like Thursdays.

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Friday. Saturday is a close second. Monday is a fucking chode.
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I like Wednesdays because you're halfway through the week and then the week just goes so much quicker after Wednesday
Until my work shift changes, it is Monday. I currently work 4x10 hour days, Friday through Monday, so Monday is essentially my Friday with a 3 day weekend every week. At this point in time, going with Monday
Monday, Kung Fu class and I know that it's 5 days till I have to work again.
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Poor Tuesday, no-one seems to like you.

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Depends on the time of the year for me. Right now for summer, Monday is the best because it's my own day to myself.
During school. Friday and saturday are always obviously the best.
English lit with a hot teacher. Only three hours. Walk home in nice weather (usually). Sleep. Play guitar. Weekend starts.

Wednesday is a close second.
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For some reason, I've always liked Tuesdays. Fridays are good too, but the rest of the weekend is really boring for me.
It's gotta be sunday for me since it's the only day I don't have classes.

But anyday that I get to workout would be fine
the days I work change on a weekly basis, and as of tomorrow, work is now my only regular commitment, so really, whichever days I'm not working
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Friday - I usually go out on a friday night, and so do a load of my mates... also, though I've left school (just), it still feels like the beginning of the weekend

Worst day of the week always used to be Thursday, but this year I only had one lesson on a thursday... my least favourite is probably Tuesday - I work on a Tuesday now, and it's pretty crap.
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