I'm pretty into digital photography, but I haven't gotten the "editing bug" yet. Something about a lack of skill...bothered me. I've now realized that Photoshop isn't bad; it can be a great tool.

So, since I'm experienced with photography but now with editing, what is the reccommended program? I am a student, so I can get the cs5 student and teacher edition for $200, or should I just get the elements version for $90?

I have a $50 gift card for Amazon.com, so knock each price down $50. I would rather spend more now and be happy with it, then spend less and wish I had something more powerful down the road. But at the same time, I don't know what is too powerful for my needs.

Also, if you have any good teaching websites for photoshop, it'd be awesome if you could share them.
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On topic, get the expensive one.
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I'd get the 200$ edition. There's many great Youtube-tutorials that can help you get started.
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why not get it for free? Nobody buys photoshop anymore.
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Get the CS5 student edition. As for websites most of them aren't organized all that well. I recommend getting magazine subscriptions, books (not "learn Photoshop" whatever etc... but professional guides that assume you know the software already), and "bookazines" which are collected materials from digital art and photography magazines.

(I have a degree in graphic design, and I work as a professional graphic and web designer)
Yeah man, you can get the Pro edition for $0.

But if you had to choose one of the ones you've suggested, I'd get the $200 version.
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Holy crap, check this out!
Ok, thanks guys/girls. I'd rather buy this, since it is a more expensive item..I got some $$$ for graduation, so it's not a big deal.

I'll check out youtube and some mags. In bookstores I kept seeing the marketed books, which really seemed like a rip off, then I also saw lots of junky websites.
I'm not a Bible-thumper anymore. Realized I had a brain in '09.

I like guitars, running, and math.