hey guys

just got an ns2 today and im trying to run it in the X pattern through my Fallen Angel. now i set it up as per the diagram but when i try to play it sounds really quiet (barely audible).

my chain is pretty empty its just

Guitar>OD pedal>Ns2 input (out of Nn2 send)>Amp

in the FX loop i have

FX loop send>Ns2 return (Ns2 output) to effects loop return(the effects return socket has a "return level control" that ive tried adjusting to no avail)

am i missing something? ive tried it both with battery and power supply and its made no difference.

any advice is appreciated. ive probably missed something really simple


Guitar>OD pedal> NS2 Input> NS2 Send to what ever pedals u have in the loop> NS2 return> Ns2 Output>amp
The X pattern is very different from running pedals in the NS-2s loop.
When you did the X pattern, did you have the pedal set to Mute or Reduction? You want to start with the decay and threshold all the way down, then slowly bring the threshold up until you get to the point where it cuts off when you stop playing.
Does you amp have a parallel or series FX loop? If its parallel you want the Mix/Level all the way up.