Hello fellow musicians!
I don't know if this is the correct place for this, but yeah, close enough..

So I really enjoy making funny sounds with my guitar like, for example, if a hot girl is walking by, I'd do that "twiut twiiuu" whistle (don't know what it's name is in english, but I'm sure you know what I mean ). I tried searching youtube for videos on this, but most were on doing crazy shit with whammy-bars and I don't have floating tremolo so I can't do those .

The ones I know so far are:

The local ice-cream-trucks signature melody

That teasing, provoking little lick:


and adding a ---0-5--3-0-- with shuffle after every line anyone says, so a normal conversation almost becomes a blues song

Atm, I'm trying to figure out how to do the sad trombone fail sound: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sC75aU47GRk

I've tried doing some descending dim chords, but i'm not really happy with it so if anybody know how to play that it would be awesome!

Also ideas and suggestions for other sound effects are really appreciated!

Thankful for answers,
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The old country "fuzz" device... a piece of paper stuck through the strings. Larry Coryell used to somehow make "traffic" noises when he played "Autumn In New York", never saw how he did it.
I love these things! A couple sounds from video games are fun:

You can make the sound of Mario getting coins by fiddling with the 5th fret harmonics on the B and high E strings. Hit the B a bunch and every so often hit the E.

The Zelda "Find an important item" noise. You can play it when someone accomplishes something, or a friend comes into the room or something (Playing this backwards is pretty close to the sad trumpet sound, actually):
The Zelda "Find a hidden passageway" noise:
Another is The Price is Right "You lose" sound (Preferably with a wah):
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If you have dual humbuckers, turn your neck pickup on and then press the G and B strings against it. Go back and forth from the G to the B. Press hard enough that you rock the pickup back and forth. It makes a seagull sound!
Make an alarm sound by sitting in front of a loud amp with distortion turned up full, hold your left hand at the top of the neck and place your right hand on the top left side of the guitar. As the feed back builds GENTLY make a flex movement so the strings bend ever so slightly, Repeat this and it amkes a wailing alarm sort of sound.
A good one is that "wah, wah, wah, wahhhh" on cartoons when something sad happens, just take the dominant 9 chord and play it descending down 4 frets by a semi-tone. For extra fun use the whammy bar on the last one