So far the only song that's kind of done is Dialectics are of Surfeit. It has vox bass, guitar, synth and some electronic drums. The rest of them are rough cuts of random things I came up with. I listen to almost anything from Jazz to prog rock to mathcore to post hardcore to glitch to noise to... Well you get the idea.

All of the songs that I'm referring to are on my profile. Anyway, I'm just hoping for some critiques/feedback on the stuff that I've done. Obviously I'm going to go comment on other people's stuff before I expect anything.
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I love the intro to And daylight denounced the day, Dialects of the Surfeit sounds very coll and western, keep up the good work.
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Are you a fan of John Frusciante at all? That Karmic/Cosmic song (as well as the vocals on Surfiet) reminds me a lot of John Frusciante's 'Niandra LaDes and Usually Just a T-Shirt' as well as 'Smile From The Streets You Hold'.

Know that when I say that I mean it in a very complimentary way. My two favorite albums from my absolute favorite guitarist/musician

Edit: Infact, all of your music has parts that remind me a lot of Frusciante.

For reference:

John Frusciante - Skin Blues:

John Frusciante - Untitled #5:
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