im a design student. and since i've got all this free time during my holiday, i wanted to do something.

SO im offering to help design a band logo for one lucky person . ( FOR FREE)

Reply to this thread with your
-name of your band/type of music you play/ link to band site
or any additional info about your band
-a reason why i should help you

I'll pick the first person who replies, who seems genuinely interested and has a decent serious band.

How this will work:
You will tell me your idea for you band's logo and i will work with you to design something.
I will then choose how i will create this logo
-using adobe illustrator
-painting /illustration/drawing
-or a combination of the above

I will then e-mail you the finished product.

Please note im extremely serious about this, only replay if you are going to be as serious about this : )
Its not everyday you get a free design !!
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Illustrator artwork

actual drawing and painting

done in illustrator

I am flexible with working with different styles, i can do dark and menacing , or punky grunge looking stuff, im open to anything
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Autumn In Ganymede


Progressive metal/alternative


We're undergoing a name change since "Fortress" is lame and we need some new everything, pretty much. This would help us focus our design ideas and layouts and whatnot. None of us can draw or photoshop well, so this would be a tremendous help. Plus we don't suck too terribly

And as for the design, I don't really know. We're not too heavy and I think our new name could have some pretty cool imagery. It's up to you.
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Samudra - We play a blend of Progressive Metal and Deathcore and mix in elements of ambience and jazz.

myspace.com/in_keepingsecrets or purevolume.com/samudra

We would love to have you design a logo for us cause we have been looking for a logo for months and can't find/draw/create anything worthwhile and you look to be a talented artist.

also we will gladly promote your on any of our many pages across the internet.

Hope to hear from you soon.
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Name - Ookami
- Thrash metal / Metalcore / Melodic Death Metal
- No band site ATM, but we still really need a logo

none of the band are that good at designin logos that look any good, and we are all pretty useless with photoshop and such =/ also on gig posters our band name seems pretty much not there compared to other logos, might help us get more people interested =P


Also we have a mascot in mind, but its basicly just drawn rough on a few peices of paper with a biro. Im rubbish at everything arty except drawing with a biro =/ maybe you could help with this to?
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fair enough , give me a moment

Hey, this is a preety sweet offer. I myself am bandless, but plan on studying design in the future, this thread is a total cheer up. Be sure to post the selected bands finished logo!
lots of metal bands xD#
i sort of have a band. but it seems these guys beat me too it.
and yes please post the finished logo

check out my youtube channel for guitar covers.

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Swahili Deathmatch/ www.myspace.com/swahilideathmatch / We play a strange mixture of Metal/Hardcore, alternative, and pop.

We are a poor band with some new music to bring to the table. Having something professional looking we can use to help promote us would be a big help on getting us more out into the open, and help get us noticed. I have Done my best to make logos with photobucket and Mybannermaker, but it would be nice to have something original.

Thanks for the great opportunity.
I don't mean to burst anyone's bubble but there is already a band logo exchange thread. Maybe you guys that really want this can ask in there?
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alright i'll look though these and any other posted requests and tomorrow i'll announce the person/band i have chosen .

Band Name: Radamanthys.

We refer to ourselves as a melo-death band, but we have many different influences so its really hard to say what we are.


We are all serious about being in a band and have been working hard, practicing and getting shows. We've played with Korpiklaani, Ensiferum, Tyr, Blackguard, Swashbuckle and are working on landing a show with Nile in november. My girlfriend was doing designs for us but we broke up so we dont have anything and we were planning on going into the studio and releasing an EP by the end of august. It just needs a good band logo and then some artwork.

Anyway, hope you like it.

Good luck to everyone and congratulations to whoever you choose.
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Meh, I'd like you to, but i have a friend going into college for graphic design, (He's really good at it,) I think he'd be insulted if I didn't ask him to make a logo.

Wrong forum. There is a thread for making band logos in the Promote YOUR Own Band forum.
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