Hey everyone I just bought an RP500. And ok I know it sounds like a stupid question...But is there a power switch on it? I just keep plugging it in to turn it on. I cant find like a power on button. Also I opened the box and went through it and got everything out of it. And I got the software but no usb cord. Wtf? Does everyone have to buy a new one? Or did mine just get packaged wrong? And can I contact the company? Thanks.
I have an RP255. There is no power switch on mine, and it does not come with a USB cord. I could be wrong about the USB cord, though.
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Try unplugging the guitar(meaning the cord itself from the pedal) from the pedal. That should turn it off. If not, disconnect the power supply as your next best bet.
Nah, there isn't a power switch, I usually just unplug mine. Also, I had to buy a usb separately.
To answer both your questions:

There is NO on/off switch (a poor design!), you must unplug it to turn it off.
There is NO USB cable included. You must supply your own.

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Yeah, I think they've pretty much answered your question, but just for reinforcement,
No, there is no off-switch, just unplug it if you want to turn it off.
No, it doesn't come with a USB, you have to get your own.