I like to do some recording at my house, and what I usually do is run my guitar into my amp, and run a USB cord from the line out of my amp to my computer. However, my Line 6 Flextone III does not have a Line Out. I've tried recording with the USB cord in the headphone jack, and it works fine, but I can't hear what I'm playing.

My amp does have an effects loop, so is there any way that I can use that to record?
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Yes, yes you certinaly can. I record everything using the Send on my FX loop, works fairly well. You just have to apply impulses since your recording off the preamp, so unless you want it to sound bad, you need to get a DAW and apply impulses to it.

There's a bunch of great lessons in the Tone Testing Thread V III and the RR forms.
Your headphone jack is a line out. The headphone jack probably has some filtering in the name of cab emualation. Your FX send will not.

If you want the usb as record source and hear at the same time, then put a splitter on the headphone output.

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You can record the amp with the MIDI plugs.
Sorry wrong answer. MIDI never carries an audio signal.
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