I hope that when you read this
I put a smile on your face
‘Cause I feel that’s something lately
Just hasn’t taken place, quite enough
Or at least not as much,
As it used to

You used to smile so easily
Back when we first met
All it took was a look or a clever letter
How much longer until things get better
And the voice in my head
Is saying she’s worth the wait
But will I be worth the wait?

And you noticed I said “Read this”
‘Cause I just don’t have the courage
To sing this to you personally
You make me so Goddamn nervous
And maybe that’s the problem
Or maybe I’m just too shy
Oh but the voice in my head
Is singing as you smile

And as you smile I notice
A tear form in your eye
It’s supposed to be a happy song
I didn’t mean for you to cry
Now even the voice in my head
Is beginning to tremble
What I feel in my heart
Is what the voice in my head resembles

I ask you if you want me to stop
Why are you so upset
You say "The voice inside you're head resembles
The voice inside my head"
And what you feel in your heart
Is exactly what I feel
Thanks to the voice in your head
I'm finally beginning to heal."