I found this guitar in my grandpa's attic. It was made in the early seventies and has the word sumbro at the top. I have looked all over the internet but i cannot find anything with the same cutoffs or the same placements of the knobs or pickup control. Also if anyone can help me with finding a bridge for it then speak up.

its a sumbro sg which is import brand from CSL who mostly resold, rebranded, and modified ibanez guitars in the UK. it is mostly likely from the 70's although i couldnt say what it was worth. for the bridge you could try some of the gibson tunomatic bridges since thats what sgs normally use, also i cant tell form the picture, but it looks like you also need a tailpiece? it could run you as much as 100 for the pair depending on the type/brand.
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The way i see it, it's a japanese sg rip off. Don't know if it will sound any good, but there is only one way to find out I hope that the strings where still attached when you found it, becaus otherwise the neck will probably be ruined.

Found this on the internet about the brand:
Sumbro was a brand name used by Summerfield Brothers, an importer based in Gateshead, UK. The company later traded as Charles Summerfield Ltd, and the brand they used was CSL. Summerfield Ltd was at that time UK importer for Ibanez, and CSL guitars were sourced from the same factory, Fujigen Gakki.
get a tom bridge and strings, give it a good cleaning as well.

there exists a good chance those pups do a nice paf impression.

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