I've finally had to admit that I don't have time to put together another guitar.

As a result, I have a complete kit of Telecaster parts which I need to get rid of - basically it consists of:

Fender Licensed Mightmite Maple Neck (very nice neck), with maple fretboard, fitted with Sperzel locking tuners.

Telecaster body - very heavy ash body, it was all routed and drilled for standard telecaster pickups, bridge etc, but filled all of the string through holes and the screw holes as I was planning on fitting a bigsby. The body has had an abortive attempt at painting it with nitro primer, but it's been mostly sanded off again.

Telecaster ashtray bridge with ashtray cover - Genuine fender - there are a couple of very fine scratches on the cover, but not that you'd notice.

A set of MIJ Fender Telecaster pickups, originally from an MIJ 1980's reissue of a 1952 Telecaster - sound pretty good. I have modified the stock wiring to work with a 4 way switch.

Let me know if you are interested in any of the individual bits, or the job lot, I'll leave it on here for a week or so, then the parts will be on ebay.

The parts were put together once to check fitting before painting, but are essentially not used (except the pickups which I bought 2nd hand, but work fine).


Bump - I'd rather do a deal on here than put the lot on E-Bay, but it'll be going on at the weekend.

Let me know if you are interested.
The neck has gone - the other bits are going on ebay soon unless someone wants to make me an offer.
The pickups & bridge and cover are on ebay - make me offer if you want me to cancel the auctions.

The body could probably be shipped for £45 - it's a heavy piece of solid wood so I'd need to check out the postage costs.