I want to buy a footcontroller to use with a Gmajor 2.

Doesnt need a million buttons but 4-5 patches would be about what i need. An expression pedal is optional but not necessary if it will reduce costs substantially. My budget is limited to right now the cheaper the better, i will definitely be looking used.

I saw the behringer one but reviews said that it was insane to program, anything else around the 100 price range that would be viable?
the behringer one is great for the money...and it's actually built very well compared to their other stuff. It plays very nicely with the gmajor...and is not that difficult to program, especially if you're just using it to change between patches. Now, if you want to program channel changes, expression pedals, etc....then it can be confusing at first. The TC Electronics forum is full of people who explain the capabilities of the Behringer far better than the manual does.
Behringer one isn't that complicated to program, I dunno what they're talking about it. If you have a MIDI to USB/FireWire device, you can download the editing software for it (a quick search on Google will find it), and it's SUPER easy to program with that.
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sounds good then.

So how does the software work, is it software for the behringer controller? Or is it software to make patches on the Gmajor? Or both?

I will need a midi to usb since i dont have one. any cheap suggestions?
FCB1010 is tough to beat for the money. I use a Tech 21 MIDI Moose for simple patch selection, and I love it for its size and simplicity.
Other options:

Rocktron MIDI X-Change (with optional Hex expression pedal)
Rolls (RFX) Midi Buddy (has no pedal though)