Hey everyone!
My high e string's 13th fret will not let me tap it :P
I can tap pretty well, but the 13th fret sounds the exact same as the 14th fret when I tap that. The 12th fret is fine also, just the 13th fret. Any reason why this is?
Thats very wierd, I have never experienced that before, is there anything unusual about your guitar or it's setup?
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try to see if you can hear the difference between f and f# somewhere else on the fretboard... I don't see how they could sound equal, just those 2 frets on that one string.

(f being your 13th fret, and f# being your 14th fret)

Edit: that could, for example, be the first and second fret on the same string.
Well it's fine just playing the individual notes, just tapping isn't right :/ Very wierd.
It used to sound right, then it just suddenly didn't! The string is properly tuned, and I don't know what has happened.