havent posted a song here in a looong time, so here goes.
tell me what you think of it, c4c as always.

version 2: changed some parts, added a lead guitar.
new song.gp5
new song v2.gp5
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hey man here's my crit

Good way to start a song , great riff imo.

good transition from intro to pre-verse with the power chords. though i dont understand why bar 7 is at 90 tempo , makes it a little odd.

Its ok , but the drums somehow dont sound right.

Again ok , nothing special , i expected something a little more "creative"
Little basic its good enough and it fits with the rest.

Good and bad , liked that you used the intro for the Chorus but i dont feel like its chorus material , and the drums got a little hectic.

Again cinda basic , same thing but slower and it doesnt really build up well to the intro riff imo.

All in all i can say that it has good potential , cinda got a maiden vibe out of it , but it just feels like it needs some more work and maybe some rewriting of certain parts. and i really missed a melodic lead guitar , but thats just my cind of taste.

anyway keep it up and this might turn out a lot better than it is !


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not bad at all,

i just have a small comment, the verse riff sounds like the riff from Travel in Stygian by Iced Earth

edit: i dont like to rate midi because it usually makes the song sound different, and i cant really judge a song without vocals, except instrumentals of course, and i dont think this is going to be an instrumental, is it??

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thanks for the crits guys, i made a few changes and added lead guitar.
its still a long way from done but its getting there.

@d(^o^)b i do write lyrics, but i dont think i have any that would fit this song well. i do intend on actually having lyrics though. eventually.

please listen to this version, if not both. thanks!
new song.gp5
not a real crit, but ya the second version sounds better to me, i am not generally a big fan of metalcore, which is what i am assuming is the direction you are going for, some of the leads are a little lame

if you are going to crit another one of my songs, i hope you check either biting the bullet or mesong
il sara7a il sara7a, i made you a goat but i eated it

we are not racist, we hate everyone equally