I had another thread two years ago but since that's... a long time backI figured I'd just make a new one. Anyway I'm getting back into song writing and figured I'd start posting them here. My most recent song is "Smoke and Mirrors." Everything else is from 2008. I ripped the audio for that one off of my camera (I had performed it live the other night during a solo gig). Let me know what you think. The lyrics are attached to the song if you want to give your thoughts on those. xD

I'll do the whole "crit for crit" thing again I suppose, so feel free to link me to your stuff if you want thoughts. Just make sure you actually listen to something of mine first xDD

(also I cannot figure out how to remove the potleaf from the side of the thread when it shows up in the forum x_x I'm not a stoner though, just sayin)
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