Hey, i'm starting to gig now with my band and i have a great halfstack for when i'm live, however taking a halfstack to a band practise is a bit uneccessary. I was wondering how many watts and what amps i should be looking at.
I have a Line 6 Spider III 15, but will 15 watts be loud enough for a band practise? I was looking at the Vox Vt100, however that seems to have too high a wattage. I was also considering a Peavey Vypyr. Would wattage 30 do, or would i need a 75 watt? Thank you for all of your help. oh and we play mainly 80's metal. like guns n roses and stuff. Thanks
Jet City Amps JCA20 or Egnater Tweaker, maybe with an overdrive pedal.
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What halfstack do you have?
A tube combo could be good for rehearsals and replace your halfstack for live stuff too
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What halfstack do you have?
A tube combo could be good for rehearsals and replace your halfstack for live stuff too

I have a Laney TF700 head which i use through a Marshall 8412 cab. I've just gotten this and it sounded brilliant at my last gig on friday, and only want this amp for band practising, which is why i dont want to spend too much money on it.
Depends how loud your band practices, a little Blackstar or something similar would work.
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Honestly, I've been able to get buy with a Spider 15W at my band practices, but if you have money to spent then I would go bigger. A 30W would probably be fine, but again it depends on how loud you practice and how your amo compares with the amp of maybe your other guitarist.
You could buy a 1x12 speaker cabinet and just bring that and your Laney head to band practice.
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Thank you for all of your suggestions. I will try a couple of band practises with my spider and if its not loud enough. I might either upgrade to maybe a Vox VT30/VT50. or as FuzzLove suggested buying a smaller cab and using that. Thanks everyone who replied
Id also suggest buying a 1x12 cab (or maby 212) and taking that and your laney to band practise. If you do that, keep in mind that you should check the wattage of your laney and the cabs wattage. (they should match, or the cabs wattage be bigger) Also ohmage should match. Saying this as most speakers (in a 1x12 you only have 1 speaker, ORLY?) are around 30 watts or so, Vintage 30s are 60 watts, some are more. Also, if your Laneys wattage is smallish (lets say, 30) and its rated to the cleans break-up point, then if youd have to crank the amp at band practise, and the speaker would be lets say 30 watts, it might blow. Just find out before you do, whatever you do.

Good luck!

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