Which guitar would be better for versitality and both rythym and lead, and is the bugera 6260 a good amp?
Epiphone Sg special <---meh

Peavey Vypyr 30 <---awesome

The Gibson is obviously the more versatile guitar. And the Bugera is a cheap Peavey 5150/6505 clone - but there is also the 6505+ combo that is not that expensive and a lot more reliable!
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The Gibson is obviously the more versatile guitar. And the Bugera is a cheap Peavey 5150/6505 clone - but there is also the 6505+ combo that is not that expensive and a lot more reliable!

I agree on the guitar. EMG's are not versatile at all.

EDIT: unless you plan on staying in one tuning and playing high gain metal all the time. But I stand by the fact that the Gibson is more versatile and you should get that instead. (Although I'm a bit confused as to why you picked those two guitars out of many...they're so different...)

But the amp is debatable. I've seen reviews with people comparing Peaveys and the Bugera copies (They own both models) and the majority of those people on youtube and other sites say the Bugera versions are better quality and cheaper.
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RR24 has zero versatility. sucks for anything but me metal, i had one
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i would definitely agree 100% that the bugera is better in sound. i much prefer its cleans. its lead sound is also tighter, has more bass response and more usable gain. quality i cant vouch for, but both are made in in china. for argument's sake, say both are about the same in quality.

as for the guitars, it depends on what you need in a guitar. for metal, the jackson will do. if you're after versatility, the gibson is better. both sound entirely different, so play both and see what you like
so, I'm going to save for the gibson because its more versatile and probably still the bugera for the amp
Epiphone Sg special <---meh

Peavey Vypyr 30 <---awesome

Owned RR24 and got rid of it because a) It was the most annoying body shape to play seated (of all shapes I've tried) b) It was neck-heavy c) Jackson neck wasn't to my liking d) The guitar wasn't versatile in terms of sound spectrum.

If you play METAL then rr24 is versatile for rhythm and lead, for other genres it doesn't work. And it still has those annoying features above.

Saving for the Gibson is a safer bet, though consider higher end Epiphone models as the differences between those 2 are in nyances (if playing guitar's just a hobby for you).
The Gibson isn't the more verstile of the two at all. Did any of ou even look at the model of Gibson this guy is talking about? It's the Raw Power: the entirely rock maple one. It's got the brightest tone you can possibly ever get and it's also pretty much the heaviest guitar you will ever try too. Sustains better than anything else too of course, but otherwise it's a very shrill ice pick of a guitar that makes most Telecasters sound warm in comparison.

If you want a Les Paul, don't get the Raw Power. It doesn't sound anything like a normal LP, in fact its tone is the exact opposite of a reuglar LP's. It is also back-breakingly heavy, as in it out-weighs a walnut and mahogany 5-string bass guitar. If you have already played some all-maple guitars and you know it's a tone and feel you like then go for it, but it is not a guitar you should get if you want the Les Paul tone and it's certainly not a guitar you should get if versatility is what you're after.
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Rr24 and 6260 would be sick for metal. You would slay man and demon alike.
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