I've searched but can't find any opinions on this cheap mic.

Looking for something to record vocals and possibly electric guitar/drums for my band. Got a Shure SM58 and a Behringer XM8500 atm, but looking for a condenser for recording. Going to get a Fast Track Pro to record through.

Would probably DI the guitar via the fast track pro, and for drums I haven't thought of that yet. Any ideas?

Basically, would the behringer C-1 along with the fast track pro be suffice to record some quality sounding demos?
The fast track should definitely be fine for guitar, but that mic isn't going to be high quality. You can't spend $40 and expect to get great sound. It may be fine and if you're really good at post production and you really know what you're doing all around, you may be able to get the vocals to sound okay and have a decent mix, but I personally wouldn't settle for a condenser like that.

EDIT: Use that 58 for vocals.
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cool, so I just need the fast track pro and use my sm58? thought the condenser might get a better sound but maybe not.

how would I go about recording drums? i have three dynamic mics, but two inputs, so i could use 1 on bass 1 snare for one take, take 2 move them to tom 1 tom 2, take 3 move them to tom 3 and hi hats, take 4 move them to cymbals/overhead. put all the takes together to get the full kit.

think it will work or will it be out of time?
i wouldn't get a behringer mic. i bet you cant get any lower end than that. i would advise saving up your money and at LEAST get an AT2020, or another comparable mic in that price range. use your 58 until then, but unless you're screaming your head off, a condenser will most likely sound better.

you dont want to do more than one take on drums. it will come out sounding like one big mess. your best bet there is one kick mic and one overhead. a dynamic for the kick, and if you get it, a condenser for the overhead. you'll probably need to compress that overhead a lot, but you can mess around with all that after you get it recorded.
No don't use a dynamic for kick. You need a large diaphragm condenser for that. You'll also need small diaphragm condensers for overheads. What I do is use a dynamic on the snare, dynamic on tom 1, and then one dynamic to pick up toms 2 and 3. If you want the c-1, maybe get 2 and use them as overheads, seeing as they're fairly cheap, and then maybe another for bass drum, or you could do a different one. You'll also need an interface with a lot of preamps and the Tascam US-1641 is the most affordable I can think of. Good luck.
Couldn't I just use the fast track interface and do a few takes recording 2 different parts of the drum kit at a time? As it only has 2 inputs Or would it be out of time when I put it all together?
well since each mic will pick up at least a little bit of every drum/cymbal, you'll have to have amazing timing to get it all lined up. chances are it wont line up quite right and it'll just be a muddy mess.
Ah right. what would be the best approach using 2 inputs to get the drums? 2 condensers positioned around the room? or as sandy said 1 bass 1 overhead?

I know it's not practical, but it has to be the fast track/fast track pro. Going to take it to uni with me in september to record song ideas etc, just want something simple for the minute.

I appreciate your answers guys!

I've had a look at the AT2020, and if it will last me a long time and it's worth the cash I'll go for it. Are there any other condenser mics around £80 that are equal quality wise?

fast track pro and the AT2020 come to £196 gbp from thomann.de. Not too bad if it will get me some decent demo recordings.
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You're not really going to get a good sound recording drums with 2 mics. It's difficult to get it right even with 6 or 7. I would say if you're set on two inputs, do one condenser overhead and a large diaphragm condenser for kick. Won't sound great, but it'll be fine for getting ideas down.
I have a behringer C1 - it's by no means a pro mic but i've had plenty of 'keeper' vocals from it
Thanks. We're only a 2 piece band anyway so a 'raw' sound would be alright. Hmm, don't know whether to get the C1, or spend an extra £50 and get the at2020. will you really be able to tell the difference?


might be able to get my hands on one of these. http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/74914

would that do everything the fast track pro can, but with more inputs?
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oh aye you did - just saw one in a local ad for £50. Worth it?

Does it do everything that the fast track pro can do but with more inputs? Everyone raves about the fast track pro but I haven't heard much about this model (probably just me being blind.)

What's the latency like (if you've had experience with one)?

Thanks sambot12!
I've not used one, but I'm thinking about getting one for drums. Never heard anything bad about them. It's up to you, and if you don't want that one for £50 I would love to get it. Been looking for a used one all over and found nothing.
Okay - well I've emailed and text the buyer but no response as of yet.

Back to the condenser question, do you think there will be much of a difference between the behringer c1 and the at2020? enough to justify an extra £50?
Not really a noticeable difference as overheads, but I would bet the C-1 would sound worse for vocals (but if you're using the SM-58 then it won't matter).

So no they are not £50 worse as overheads than other affordable condensers.
Might just go for the C1 then - if I get this tascam I will need more microphones as I have more inputs. Can't afford to get all expensive ones. Maybe I'll get one C1 and see what it's like as an overhead. I remember watching a review and the guy said they are omni directional (not sure if that's the right word). Basically it picked up sound from one side, not from both sides. Would this be a problem?
you'll hear a difference for sure. i personally think it's very much worth the extra money to get the AT. and not only for the sound. it's much more reliable. Behringer has such a bad track record, you'll be better off in the long run getting a mic that will last.
Fair point, although my behringer XM8500 is still going. Maybe I will use the cash I get from selling my PRS to get the AT then. (buy it, i need the money!)

In my sixth form we had a shure drum set kit. Any idea how much I can get a set like that for 2nd hand? Doesn't have to be shure. It had 2 overheads, a bass mic, snare, and clip on tom mics.