So I'm watching Journey "Live in Manila" (from sometime in '09 I think) right now and I am SO impressed with Arnel Pineda. That got me to thinking, what are some of the BEST lead vocal replacements that you can think of?

Edit: Go ahead and list the band the replacement took place in, and where the new singer came from, as well as why you think this is the BEST vocal replacement!

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Bruce Dickinson for Paul Di'anno obviously
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Watch that video below

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Bruce Dickinson for Paul Di'anno obviously

However this changed Iron Maiden's sound, which for some, people liked. I love every Iron Maiden album. But none have come no where near as Raw and Energetic then Iron Maiden and Killers. Fact.
Arnel is fantastic. He has a rougher edge to his vocals which makes me prefer him to Perry, who sings too cleanly for my taste.
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Hmm either Howard in Killswitch Engage or Caleb in Attack Attack! in my opinion.
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Im sorry but however much I love Bons voice, if he wasnt replaced they might have not written all the epic songs they wrote with Brian.
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Brian Johnson

Bitch, don't even. Bon is in every way superior to Brian, even though Brian's a great singer in his own right. Technically, I have to say Dio for Ozzy, though I think Ozzy produced more classic material with Sabbath than Dio did.
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I don't think I've ever fully enjoyed the replacement. If I liked the band before the change, then I'll almost always prefer the old to the new it's just the way I am.

But for bands like AC/DC, I wasn't really around during the switch so I enjoy both versions. For the haters of Brian Johnson, how can you argue with the guy who's band has one of the top selling records of all time??
I'd have to agree for best replacement....

Arnel Pineda

or "this Filipino kid" as OP called him.

Other obvious choices are Bruce Dickinson and Ronnie James Dio.
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Waylon in Mushroomhead. Jmann was awesome and all, but Waylon is way more diverse, and he can pull off Jmann's stuff pretty well.

Also, Corey Taylor replacing Anders in Slipknot. Trust me on this, if you haven't heard the old Anders demos, it's complete crap.
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Jake Lurhs for August Burns Red.

EDIT: Forgot about David Gilmour.
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Matt Barlow for Iced Earth
Bruce Dickinson for Judas Priest Don't you dare fall for that
Dio for Black Sabbath
Jorn Lande for Masterplan (upon his return)
Timo Kolipelto for Stratovarius (although I didn't mind Tolkki)
Howard Jones for KSE
Russell Allen for Symphony X
James LaBrie for Dream Theater
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AC/DC. It doesn't sound like their singer was replaced.

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I prefer Jesse Leach over Howard, but KSE is still pretty good.

I'll go with obvious Dickinson over Di'anno
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either Bruce Dickinson or Matt Barlow
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Dio replacing Ozzy!
Definitely this. Although I do enjoy the original Sabbath, I enjoy Sabbath with Dio even more.

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