The title says it. I'm just trying to find bands to learn from, e.g. transcribing songs.
Parliament/Funkadelic have some good stuff, although I tend to like their psychedelic-flavoured funk stuff more than the straight-up funk.
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I was playing RHCP all the time and wanted to get something different actually. But thanks to everyone so far.
hmm...bootsie collins more just listen to it then try and play it..just hear the funk, feel the funk
Attention people who posted RHCP: The OP asked for funk bands.

On a more serious note:
James Brown

Funkadelic(Maggot Brain is a good album to start with)

Herbie Hancock with the Headhunters

Earth Wind and Fire

Sly and the Family Stone(Larry Graham, the bassist, is often credited as the originator of slap bass.)

Kool and the Gang (of "Jungle Boogie" fame)


The Ohio Players
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But something more modern funk bands? Something like PapaNegro and Jurassik Funk.
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Attention people who posted RHCP: The OP asked for funk bands.

while i wouldnt call them 100% funk im not sure if there are that many bands that you can call true funk

funkadelic, jamiroquai and many other bands all have element of other music despite being very funky

to TS...i would suggest jamiroquai, P-Funk, George Clinton, Lenny Kravitz...all has funk style guitar in them
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Attention people who posted RHCP: The OP asked for funk bands.

If Blood Sugar Sex Magik isn't a funk album I'm John Frusciante.
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If Blood Sugar Sex Magik isn't a funk album I'm John Frusciante.

and compared to freaky styley BBSM isnt funk
The fact that James Brown wasn't even mentioned and RHCP was the first band listed is just a crying shame. Those white boys had to imitate SOMEONE didn't they?
They always do, white boys that is....
I just read that there was another poster who had the same idea as me.
James Brown is great. His music is just so tight and precise it's amazing.

Anyway while I'm at it I'll list some others.

John Scofield is a modern jazz guitarist who often times plays a genre of jazz known as "Groove Music" which is very similar to funk. It's all instrumental for the most part.
Other guys like that are Grant Green and George Benson.
Curtis Mayfield has a funky RnB style of his own.
Sly And the Family Stone and War are great classic funk bands, in addition to Earth Wind and Fire.
Oh and I must not forget about Tower of Power. They blew me away when I saw them live.
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Funk artists are listed here in full, with photos and other data. A list made up of items like All Saints and 1974 AD. This list of Funk bands includes all musicians who have released recordings that have gotten distribution, and is an up-to-date list. Funk groups and artists are listed alphabetically. Click the artist name to see full discography and other data. You can make your own list.
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