Im looking to upgrade the crappy ones that came with my Ibanez.
Im mostly doing brainless chugga chugga riffing metal of various sorts (Sybreed, Amon amarth, Miseration)

Im looking for god metal pickups for around 250 dollars, and i want passive ones.

Any Ideas?

where do you live?

oh, and would you sacrifice a new neck pickup for an AWESOME bridge pickup? i mean, you don't use your neck for anything but cleans right?
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There's the good old EMG 81/85 combo, that seems to be rather popular amongst metal players.
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Holy crap, check this out!
I would! I rarely play clean and when I do I much prefer the akoustik guitar.

I live in sweden so my budget is around 2300 kr (which is like 250 dollars i think)


oh and at the moment i have small half crappy Spider III amp, the only thing id say i like about it is that it has audio out which makes recording much easier.

Im dreaming of a ENGL amp one day though!

Im upgrading one thing at a time and i think its time for pickups!
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Well the pickups is actually a graduation gift from my father, I get to choose so it's the right ones. Im already saving up for an amp, but as im interested in all things musical (ok not everthing but) Im always short on money from buying software, keyboard, synths ect

Although if you say its a waste maybe there is a good distortion pedal for that price? im tired of the "insane" tone from my spider
ah that stupid Spider amp
I have Pod Farm too which is also Line 6 but cant get a tone I like from it.

I do want EMG's, but from what i've heard (this might be wrong though) is that audio interface's have a hard time with all the gain. (im using a UX1)
and that the best thing would be to mic an amp instead, which means getting a mic for the amp, and getting an amp.
These are all things I will get when Im a rockstar though! -_-''

At the moment I have everything I need to make music, but want to upgrade my guitar tone.
I always get so jealous when i see people with these huge amps, the stack of all stacks!
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Don't bother upgrading your pick ups. The Spider III is notorious for making all guitars (and hence their pick ups) sound the same.

If you upgrade your pickups it'll be a waste of $250. Save the money and put it towards a new amp first.


Got my used 5150 II rig instead of pickups. great decision.
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Thanks for all your answers! I got some thinking to do (ouch)
Looks like saving up for a decent amp is the way to go.