Hey guys, I don't usually hang around the GG&A forums, but i got some questions.

Basically I'm doing some research right now as I look for a new amp.
I just spent $900 on a used guitar, so if I go and buy anything over $150 my parents may kill me.

Basically I gotta wait till next summer before making any purchases.
Right now I have limited experience with many tube amps. I've played religiously on my friend's Peavey Classic 50 whenever I hang out with him, but I kinda want an amp for myself.

I'm looking for a versatile amp that can handle everything from high gain, to soft cleans. (I'm lookin for tubes, getting tired of digital modelling.)
I'm looking at a budget of $300-$500 MAX
You can recommend stuff over the budget as long as it's under $1000. I may get lucky and find a better job by the time i'm prepared to purchase.
I'm willing to look used if I can find something.
The amp needs to have enough power to handle playing with a drummer (and maybe a whole band in the future).
It needs to be quiet enough to play in an apartment/condo because I'll be moving into one when I go to university.

I play a shitton of power metal, and from the links below you might be able to tell that it's Japanese power metal. But I also play some jazz once in a while, as well as low gain rock. Which is why it needs to be versatile.

Some examples for tones I'm going after:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TeSoC7cFrkE&playnext_from=TL&videos=JQEwGiDmb5M&feature=sub (The first two samples mainly, but the rest is the same lol)

Thanks in advance.
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used Carvin Legacy

not super common in Canada though, mind you they are only like $1100 new I think. X100Bs can be found more easily for around $400.

^ Mesa Nomads can be found cheap too
I know it's bad etiquette to bump but I would've figured more people could've helped me out?

I mean I thought I'd get way more responses. I'm not that well read with amps so I was hoping some people here would help out. Usually people start recommending guitars like crazy in EG, I thought it would be the same here...

All I know is that the wattage of whatever amp I get should probably be 40W or under (I hear 50's can get really loud and I don't exactly need "really loud" at all)

A small list I've compiled:
- Bugera V22
- Bugera BC30-212
- Peavey Valveking 112
- Peavey 6505 112
- Peavey Classic 30

But I'm not 100% if these amps are capable of what I'm looking for.

My friend with the Classic 50 doesn't have any distortion pedals so I don't know how heavy the amp can get and I also don't know if the 30 is similar in tone or not.

I'm looking for whatever recommendations work as long as they stay under $1000 (the cheaper the better, but if I see a good deal in the 600-800 range I'd probably jump on it.)
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I wouldn't go much over 30 watts tube. It's easily loud enough for a band and I can sort of make mine quiet, it just doesn't sound nearly as ballin'. I almost ended up with a 50 watter, but that would have just killed my neighbors. And raped my dog.
If you're looking for something just to play in an apartment, well even a 5 watt Valve Junior can shake the walls a bit, not even fully cranked. I've witnessed it.
Buy your stage amp and forget about the whole "it has to be quiet too" crap. If you need to practice quietly buy a headphone amp lke a Vox Amplug. Don't sacrifice your stage tone for the want of a $50 headphone amp.
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Quote by Cathbard
Buy your stage amp and forget about the whole "it has to be quiet too" crap. If you need to practice quietly buy a headphone amp lke a Vox Amplug. Don't sacrifice your stage tone for the want of a $50 headphone amp.

That's some good advice right there, people should say that to people more often.
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unless the amp doesn't have a master volume you can play it at bedroom levels.
you're not going to hear the difference between preamp and power amp distortion at normal conversation levels anyway.
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I plan on getting an amp that can handle small stage volumes as well as bedroom volumes.

Which is why I'm not 100% on any 50W amps, those seem to be overkill.

Also, if I were to get a more "classic rock" sounding amp, could I make it more "metal" sounding with a pedal? Or should I look into specific amps that accept pedals easier?

I don't really understand the difference in amps that can or can't accept pedals well. Like If I put a distortion pedal in front of a Peavey Classic would it not also work to the same effectiveness if I put the pedal in front of a Valveking?

I know they would have different tones but shouldn't a typical amp be capable or a variety of tones?
The problem is I can't find the 40W XXX used.
The JSX is 120W
The Carvin V3 is 100W
And I can't find a used Mesa Mark IV under $1000 (Not to mention it's 85W)

I'm hearing mixed things about attenuators.
1) They're great for making a 120W amp sound quieter.
2) They don't work as well as they're expected to.

If I had no choice and ended up with a ridiculously high wattage amp (70W-120W) would an attenuator help when playing at bedroom levels?