Another, non sensical, rambling poem with no meaning at all. Just random words pieced together. I've sort of stopped writing poems for a while, because I had the foolish Idea of writing the book, and the even more foolish idea to commit to it, and finish it.

Well, here it is anyway.

Running through the forest
midnight, fog
obfuscates what lies
ahead of me.

Love? Loss?
It doesnt matter to me,
I have nothing to lose.
I cant remember if I ever
did have something to lose.
Maybe. I certainly wish so.

Running through the forest,
I thought I saw your face,
in a amongst the curious
animals, edging closer.
Waiting for the oppurtune
moment. Sound Familiar ?

Love ? Loss ?
One of them I never had,
and the other I welcomed.
Can you guess ?

Running through the forest,
at midnight. At least thats what
I thought the time was. I can't
remember. Sorry, What was I talking
about. I seem to have forgotten.

EDIT: I found some explanation in it I didn't even put any thought into it. Must be aliens. But in the first verse, the forest represents the main characters life, and it being midnight means it's dark, and with the fog he can't see ahead, so he can't see anything of purpose in his future. The rest is pretty cliché shizzle Aliens, I tell Ya
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