There are probably a million of these threads but anyway.

So im going to a large store in a couple of days and im lookin for a new amp. I gonna try the vox ac4tv, since it seems nice on reviews and such. However i want more amps to try! Any suggestions on good amps in the same pricerange?

I like to play the blues, and would like to have a good warm clean sound and also light distortion. I will probably buy some pedals later on (if needed) but i want a nice amp that can handle it, and i want a "good amp" rather than one with a million effects built in to it.

Any suggestions on what i sould try more than the vox?
I play a fender classic player 50s strat, and i play by myself and sometime with a friend, but its nothing serious. I like the sound of bb king, clapton and rory gallagher, clean and a light overdrive sometimes.

Cheers in advance!
Fender blues junior! Sweet cleans and I think the overdrive is what you want to

EDIT* I missed the part with "practice amp" which probably means you want something cheaper?
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