alright so i'm having problems with women. here's my situation. i'm with a girl, brenna. we haven't been dating for long but i do like her. i have fun with her and she's a cool chick. however, we are very different. i like to smoke a certain plant on a daily basis and she's never tried it. she doesn't mind that i do it but she won't touch it. that's not the problem. brenna is very mature. she's going to college and plans on going to medical school while i'm an aspiring musician. she's pushing me to go to college which i really don't want to do. i have a pretty good job and i'm making good money but she says it might not last. thats not even my problem. brenna has a friend, vikki, who i met at brenna's party. everyone was drunk and having a good time. for some reason i decided that was a good time to tell everyone my next tattoo ideas...Peter Griffin, Homer Simpson, and Hank Hill's faces on my chest. this was no joke. i really want those tattoo's. its not like i'm gonna be at a job interview and they're gonna see it. anyway, brenna went off. "thats retarded, you're not getting that on you, it's the stupidest thing i've ever heard". then vikki says "that's awesome. you should totally get it if thats what you really want. i think it would be cool". after that night i started talking to vikki and i'm am really starting to like her. she's just an all around cool girl that i would really love to be with. however, she's friends with brenna and i don't even know if she feels the same way and if she does i don't know if she would ruin her friendship with brenna for me. i have no idea what to do. some advice would be nice.
The way it sounds, either you will have to make lifestyle changes if you want to stay in this relationship, or end up becoming one of her bad memories.

Just sayin'.

Also, dumping her and going for her friend is a bad idea. If you dump her, there's a risk she'll be upset, and here friend will be there for her if she's any type of good friend, and thus you=asshole to both of them.

Relationship thread, bro.
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I hope the certain plant you smoke on a regular basis is Deadly Nightshade.
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agreed!!!! good luck
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Same as the guy above, i didn't read because it was bluring into one black and white mass. Woman problems can always be solved by ignoring them however so there's some good advice
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This is the best advice your gettin here man. Get your ass to the Relationship Thread, where they care.
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Take advantage of the Relationship Thread. They're great over there, and don't expect anything out of the normal pit goers.
I've had an ex break up with me, and go out with a friend; I was mature about it, and didn't give either of them trouble, and still talk to both of them, but it really does hurt. Just keep in mind what you'd be putting your current girlfriend through.

Also, the tattoo idea is stupid.
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I'm gonna need specific instructions again on how to properly dance with my pants on my head.
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First you put your pants on your head.
Second you dance.
Third you wipe off all the pussy.
Can we get a tl;dr up in this bitch?

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I doubt the friend will want to date you as it will compromise her friendship which in all likelihood means more to her than you. If she's cool, be her friend.

Also, a tattoo of Hank Hill would be unbelievably and radically awesome and you should seriously consider putting it on your face.
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