Im looking at buying an eq pedal for under $60 and im trying to decide which one. I dont know whether it is better to have more range in the bands or less? The boss ge 7 i was looking at had bands 100,200,400,800,1.6,3.2k,6.4k and the beta aivin beq 2 one had bands of 50,120,400,500,800,4.5k,10k and they both have level controls. Does anyone know if they are good pedals or can anyone direct me to which one is better? Also i dont think either has true bypass because that wasnt advertised on the websites but if someone can say otherwise that also might sway my decision a little. Any recommendations are good.
If it's for a guitar then you don't really need a slider for anything less than 100, I find the 200 to be more important than the 120 so I would go with the boss.

The other is better off as a bass pedal.
Neither. Get a rackmount EQ instead.
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Thanks i found the boss had a lot of noise compared to even the danelectro ones but it had good settings and better for scooping.
Rackmount EQ's are not necessarily better. and they're generally more expensive. Plus who wants one rack unit sitting all by itself? Out of those two I'd go with the Boss. MXR has a 10 band EQ, but I'm not sure what it costs. Definitely look for something that has true bypass though. If something doesn't have true bypass you can basically never turn it off.
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If i were to get one would i put it before or after a distortion pedal?

They're generally used in the FX loop. If you're gonna use it in front of the amp though, putting it in front of a distortion pedal is gonna be VERY noisy.
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At first I thought u were spamming the thread, and then I realized what u really meant.

Get the MXR 10 Band EQ, I have it and it works great.
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^^ nah what i meant was he could actually get the fish n chips and see what he likes and what does not! what he'd want that pedal to have... then he could look into some more expensive pedals knowing what exactly he wants/needs! also Fish n' chips is a nice pedal and wouldn even need an update!
MXR 6-band will more likely fit your budget if you find a used one on ebay, I don't miss the other 4 bands myself. It's true bypass which is nice but I like to keep it on all the time. Nice and tiny, doesn't take up any space at all on your pedal board.
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If i were to get one would i put it before or after a distortion pedal?

you can put the EQ anywhere honestly. if you want control, get more then 1 EQ

1 after distortion, 1 in FX loop

i wish i could link you to the site that had more info on how to use a EQ, but it seems down for me right now.. amptone.com. I remember reading that van halen would use a EQ after every effect or something.
Rack EQ can be abit too many slides I think. I'd go for the MXR.

You can put the eq before distortion for subtle differences or after for major differences. However, when putting it after make sure you don't boost frequencies or it will sound rediculous.
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Ok thanks everyone for the advice it seems i am going to put my budget up and buy a 10 band dunlop eq with true bypass or may be the mxr.
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I would have to say the fish n chips is the best pedal in the food-names lineup. Decent EQ, not as responsive as I would like but it works, and at $30 new!

Eventually I will have a better one, and the fishy chips will go to the future "drunk rig" which will be where I push the power section of a 5w tube amp to near destruction, then hammer out some fuzzed power chords. Yay
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