Is there any tool I could use to discover in which area (region) was the address (hotmail) made in?
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Your username and the slightly stalker like post gives me the idea that I will be held liable for telling you how.

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LOL no

I really need it, I'm almost a detective (rape)

almost a detective (rape)?

so you're a stalker looking to rape someone then?
You're using UG classic, congratulations.
You should be using UG classic.

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You want us to help you in an odd way, you are Guide to Genocide, and you think of the Pit as a massive party. No thanks, detective.

please get intelligence
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my innocent brain doesnt understand you want to rape someone?

No, really no !

A person is selling a guitar to me, a jackson JS signature series. But there is this regional forum that sells second hand equipment and I saw the same guitar description there, and the same picture, there is a location on the user. Other one gave me a hotmail account and I want to see is it from the same place. Simple
There's no such tool. Contact the person directly.