So I was trolling Craigslist and found an entry for "guitars, pedals and amps" and figured I'd give it a look-see. The Morley caught my eye. I asked the seller if he had some more details on the model and he told me that "its the pro series wah pedal."

Now, I don't know much about Morley wahs (or wahs in general for that matter), so I was wondering if anyone here had some experience with this wah and could help me out.

The most important question, obvioiusly, is whether it sounds good? Is it spring-loaded? Is it a step-and-go like the Bad Horsie or do you have to click a button like a Crybaby? Anything else I should know? I'm highly considering going on getting this, so if anyone could help out that would be great.
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The Pro Series has a button, but its next to the pedal, rather than at the toe-down position. I'm not sure if its spring loaded, because its not switchless.
My Bad Horsie is great, if its anything like it it'll be a good wah (but I dont know if it is)
I used to have the switch button Morley Wah and found it annoying as it requires two seperate foot movements (click button, then move foot onto pedal) so I changed over to the Bad Horsie which is spring loaded and so much easier.

The tone is great, slightly different to the cry baby - for better or for worse is up to the individual. I've been gigging mine contsntly for the past ten years.