I'm planning on getting into pedal modding. I've got a brother who took an electrical engineering class and he's a whiz with computers as well, so I'm gonna have him guide me through a lot of things.

I've got a quick question though. I want to swap out the red LED in my pedal for a blue one. I've heard that I need to change the resistor or something, can anyone post a link to a usable LED and resistor?

I'd really appreciate it. I won't see my brother till next month, so I won't be able to ask him for a while.
As far as I know the original resistor should be fine, when in doubt though use a 4k7 ohm resistor. Lower resistor values will give you a brighter light, higher ones a duller light, LEDs aren't super sensitive iirc so anything from 2k - 8k should be fine.

Small Bear Electric is the best place I've found to get parts. I don;t think they have blue 5mm LEDs but they have 8mm ones, not sure what your pedal takes.
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Jim do you know if the ts9 has a 5mm or an 8mm? that would be really helpful.
no pedal has an 8mm led. 8mm is huge. pedals use either 3mm or 5mm.

i googled pics of it but its kinda hard to tell with no point of reference but it looks like a 5mm.
It's a 5mm.
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ok thanks a bunch guys! You'll probably see me around here more often once I get into the whole modding biz.
yeah, its a 5mm LED. boss use 3mm, but it looks like ibanez, mxr and ehx use use 5mm. or at least with my pedals anyway.

as for the resistor, just start with the stock one. the way the LED is situated in the circuit makes it a bit awkward to calculate a good resistor value. if it isnt bright enough, lower the value. 1k should be fine.